California Girl

                Poppy Photos were taken in collaboration with Michael Hepburn (IG: @michael_w_hepburn) and Nabil Khan (IG: @khanfucios / Portfolio:

v-day eraem

V-Day: History, Chocolate, and Aphrodisiacs

V-Day: History, Chocolate, and Aphrodisiacs The Romans To trace the origins of Valentine’s Day, we have to go way back to Lupercalia. This was a Roman festival of sacrifice and virility. The Luperci, or priests, would sacrifice a goat and a dog, and anoint their own heads with the blood. Women were literally hit on…. Read more »

Shakespeare on Love

What Did Shakespeare Really Say About Love?

What Did Shakespeare Really Say About Love? (Three Ways We Experience Love) The name Shakespeare has become ubiquitous with love, so much so that the very mention of one of his plays, Romeo and Juliet, invokes timeless visions of eternal and romantic love. While that notion is poetic, I’m afraid to say, it is just… Read more »



“Devotion” is a series composed of interviews with men of faith aimed at educating, not converting, those watching. Father Fredericks is a Jesuit priest, the Venerable Jongmae Kenneth Park is a bishop of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism, and Sheikh Mustafa Umar leads his community according to the Muslim faith. These educated individuals explore… Read more »



Baloji is a rare artist in his effortless defiance of genre. Belgian raised of Congolese origin, he is a staple in French hip hop. He manages to touch political topics, collaborate with internationally renowned artist, and make you dance. He has spent over half his life in the industry, and today he stands as a… Read more »

Eraem in Mexico City

Community : Mexico City (Episode 2)

Ancient and hip, Mexico City is as traditional as it is modern. It is diverse and constantly evolving but what stays consistent is community. Community can be seen in the streets, in the markets, in the exchange of delicious food, and, of course, in the family.

ERAEM - Mexico City

Folklore & Faith : Mexico City (Episode 1)

What is folklore and what is faith? In our first episode we take pilgrimages to La Villa de Guadalupe, Teotihuacan, and La Casa Azul. Each site is spiritual, ancestral, and essential to Mexican identity.

Les Ardentes

Les Ardentes

As festival season ebbs and flows all over the world, we get to experience the diverse approaches to this increasingly popular presentation of our modern musical landscape. Each region seems to have a spirit and ambience of its own, a particular mood, even when lineups and tours stay almost the same. Belgium, in general, hosts… Read more »

1stGen Thumb

1stGen : Video

“1stGen” is a photo series that concentrates on first generation Americans. These daughters of immigrants provide us with an inside look into our collective identity by recognizing the struggles and stories of brave immigrants, seeking a better life. As we take in the images of these women, we are celebrating the beauty of America and… Read more »

1stGen - Maya

1stGen : Maya

We have asked ourselves many times in our work and lives, “What does it mean to be American?” We drove across the country, lived in different cities, talked to many people, and when we looked in the mirror, we finally recognized the faces we were looking for. We are first generation Americans. We are the… Read more »

  • Pilsen Guad


    The Bright Barrio Everything is art in Pilsen. Murals are strewn across buildings like storybook pages, windows are effortlessly stuffed with strange objects that somehow fit together perfectly, and left over chalk from children or street artists sink into the crevasses of the sidewalk in sunny streaks. Driving, biking, walking, any encounter with the neighborhood,… Read more »

  • Stoop

    Las Angelenas in Chicago

    Chicago is moody.   The perfect curves and angles of downtown (known as The Loop for its intersection of the “L” trains) remain visible from surrounding neighborhoods. This gives the divided, multifaceted city a sense of equilibrium, a center, a start and a reference point. It is the city’s way of reminding you, at all… Read more »

  • Road Trip

    New Wave Road Trip

    Our generational limbo feels like driving alone in the dark on a straight endless road. No signs, no maps, no destination. We take part in the drive, equally as lost. Consider this: the way out of that endless road is that same drive. The journey is happening even in those mindless steering moments. It is… Read more »

  • Mojave Desert

    Native Transplant

    Silhouettes of palm trees darken as the sun sets over Los Angeles.  The orange burning sphere lights every tree tip like a line of matches. From the Westside to the Eastside, this image floods my mind, usually framed by a windshield. Palm trees were once exotic imports, brought into California to embellish gardens along the… Read more »