“Devotion” is a series composed of interviews with men of faith aimed at educating, not converting, those watching. Father Fredericks is a Jesuit priest, the Venerable Jongmae Kenneth Park is a bishop of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism, and Sheikh Mustafa Umar leads his community according to the Muslim faith. These educated individuals explore the doubts within their belief, the role of religion in the modern world, the status of women in each doctrine, the importance of social justice, the existence of God and the afterlife, and confront, head on, the questions humans pose as they navigate their complex lives. Each subject offers guidance, humility, and, most importantly, an honest conversation in the necessary practice of Interfaith Dialogue.


  1. Religion. Just the mention of the word ignites hundreds of different reactions. In this series, we interview 3 men of faith to understand their motivation, dedication, and spiritual path.
  2. Women in religion have been forgotten, suppressed, and even liberated. It is a complex relationship. We decided to explore the roles of women in Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism throughout history and modern practice.
  3. In action and in conversation, leaders and followers of different religions have the ability to create an environment of intelligence, understanding, compassion, and peace. This is interfaith dialogue.
  4. We compare Buddhist and Catholic approaches to life and spirituality.
  5. Are religion and the modern world compatible? We decided to ask.
  6. Does God exist? Almost everyone has asked this question. Our experts give you their answers on God, and their perspectives on heaven and hell.
  7. Faith in action can better the world. We search for the roots of social justice and compassion in religion.
  8. We believe knowledge of all religions and interfaith dialogue are essential to creating a better world. In this final episode, we ask for direct guidance for all people, regardless of religion. This way, we remember to put humanity first.



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