Baloji is a rare artist in his effortless defiance of genre. Belgian raised of Congolese origin, he is a staple in French hip hop. He manages to touch political topics, collaborate with internationally renowned artist, and make you dance. He has spent over half his life in the industry, and today he stands as a world music artist, video director, and fashion aficionado. After making the crowd jump, sweat, and get low for his entire afternoon set at Les Solidarit├ęs in Namur, Belgium, Baloji sat with us to talk about blackness, spirituality, his personal anthems, and dressing with dignity.

Check out the full interview or navigate according to the topics below.

Collaboration (0:06)

Video (0:28)
Identity (1:34)
Black in Belgium (3:04)
Dressing with Dignity (4:09)
Spirituality (5:18)

Anthem (6:37)
Baloji Baloji Baloji Baloji
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