Ethel obtained her Bachelor’s in Multimedia Image at Loyola Marymount University. She is also a freelance photographer and cinematographer.

A lover of the arts, most of her extracurricular activities consist of cultural events and art exhibits, driven by the desire to viscerally represent and explore the world.

Functioning as the eye behind the lens of ERAEM, she handles pre and post-production, website design and management. As co-creator, she is always experimenting with the visual presentation of the content.

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Maya graduated with an English degree specialized in Journalism from Loyola Marymount University. She is also a trained dancer and continues performing and teaching professionally.

Geography-obsessed, she spends much of her time traveling, researching cultures, and diving into the lives of the people occupying each corner of the globe.

Maya works in front of the camera and behind in production. She writes, directs and handles Public Relations. As co-creator of ERAEM, she transfers her love of words and movement into the creation of stimulating media.

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The story

It is only appropriate that our friendship began abroad. We met as roommates studying in Madrid. Strangers turned into sisters; we were so different, yet exactly the same. After finishing that semester in 2011, we set out across the continent of Europe and the Middle East with no budget and lots of optimism. We dreamed of creating our own travel series.

After graduating from LMU in 2012, we left to establish careers separately. Eventually reuniting in Chicago to work on a project, we realized the potential of our skills. We finally decided to pursue our dream, which had evolved into the launching of an extensive media outlet.

The “Era of Ethel and Maya” would cover current events, art, pop culture and travel. ERAEM was born on July 16, 2014. Since that day we have been dedicated full-time to the dream endeavor now based in Los Angeles, and we have never been happier. ERAEM continues to grow, and as we expand internationally we aim to build global collaborations and continue our style of quality, thought-provoking content.



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