“1stGen” is a photo series that concentrates on first generation Americans. These daughters of immigrants provide us with an inside look into our collective identity by recognizing the struggles and stories of brave immigrants, seeking a better life. As we take in the images of these women, we are celebrating the beauty of America and the ancestry emanating from each face. Supplementing the images are their stories, and their parents’ stories. Each person is an essential element, as we seek to understand their lives, their parents’ lives, and the value of our immigrant nation.


1stGen - Kajal

Kajal : http://www.eraem.com/1stgen-kajal/

1stGen - Chitra

Chitra : http://www.eraem.com/1stgen-chitra/

1stGen - Arpi

Arpi: http://www.eraem.com/1stgen-arpine/

1stGen - Ethel

Ethel : http://www.eraem.com/1stgen-ethel/

1stGen - Maya

Maya : http://www.eraem.com/1stgen-maya/



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